Sexual thoughts ft. You
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I need to make myself a cup of coffee if I want to go to the Cards Against Humanity thing tonight. I got up at 5am today to go stand  in the registration line. CAN YOU SAY #FIRST!? Then came back and crashed. Ugh. I also need to go get hte stamp for the 18+ panels. Struggles.


i got a nosebleed from thinking about teh yaoiz in the middle of class again ;/


When relatives/random people im forced to engage with start talking about “”gay people”” like some mysterious unknowable entity


Gf: babe come over
Me: I'm eating garlic bread
Gf: I'm horny and my parents aren't home
Me: it's the kind that's covered in cheese


there’s always that one character where you’re like “tbh I love this character bc I am this character”


"Satoru Iwata also mentioned that several other titles are in development exclusively for the New Nintendo 3DS. These will not be playable on the old 3DS models."



what doesn’t kill you leaves you lying awake at 2am wishing it had

one day i aspire to shop price high to low


New glasses! These are the ones I mentioned in my post earlier today. 

You are SO beautiful! Ohh my gosh cx They look really great on you!